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Making your own story book couldn’t be easier! Get those old pictures stashed in boxes or your digital pictures hiding in your computer and make a book of your own that you will cherish forever. Make copies to share with your family and friends or give them out as special gifts! You can also make individual scrapbook pages, cards, announcements, calendars, posters and so much more!

The possibilities are endless… Imagine what you can do!

*Do you want to celebrate the hero in your life?
*Would you like to share your favorite holiday or vacation?
*Are you a photographer and want to put a portfolio together?
*Do you have a new baby or a wedding coming up?
*Does your child belong to a special club, sports or dance?

If you are interested and want to check it out, please email me and I will set up your basic account for FREE or go to set it up yourself at this link: Once you realize how easy and fun it is I guarantee you’ll want to do more!

Why Heritage Makers?
For over 6,000 years ancestors were doing something important: telling stories.  The Lascaux cave paintings in France – are evidence that that stories were part of our culture from the most ancient of times. Human beings have always felt a need to make record of those events and people who are significant to us.

The advent of the digital age has made it even easier to take and keep pictures and images. But it can sometimes feel overwhelming when we look at the boxes of pictures collecting dust on the shelves or the hundreds of files on the computer. Have you ever been to an antiques store or maybe a flea market and seen boxes of old photos and wondered if that’s what might happen to your treasured memories? That’s when your Personal Publishing Consultant can be a life saver! There are as many reasons to use Heritage Makers as there are pictures in your home or computer.

Heritage Makers makes it easy to turn those memories into heirlooms which can be shared with and enjoyed by everyone in your family.  There is no cutting or gluing, so your photos remain intact and preserved for use and enjoyment long into the future. There is no storing of supplies that take over your office, your kitchen table, your house! Everything is done on the computer, so there is no mess to clean up, no need for storage space. And if you don’t like the design you made, simply delete it and start over! Nothing is glued into place so you can redo your designs as often as you would like until you’re happy with it.

Heritage Makers gives you the perfect way to share your family’s history, traditions, and beloved memories for generations to come.  From memorial books and playing cards to decorative wall art and children’s board books, you can show those you love their importance in your life and capture a piece of history that they can hold in their hands.  Don’t let those special pictures become orphaned or abandoned.

Call me today and let me show you how to turn those images into stories, and those stories into lasting treasures. It’s easy, it’s fun, and in a very short time you’ll have an amazing display of family heritage in your hands.

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Club HM on Facebook

Our Club HM Facebook page is a vibrant and thriving community that encourages participation from everyone who joins. With so many of our clients and consultants using social networking sites, we just knew this would be a great way to get our Club HM members together for fun and sharing.  We’ve had a wonderful response, and already there are great discussions on all kinds of heritage making ideas, suggestions, and helpful hints. We have over a thousand members already, so this really is the page to visit for Heritage Maker information and fun.

Inspiration for new projects is another benefit to joining.  Every day, members post pictures of their projects to showcase the wonderful creations you can make with Heritage Makers. We also feature the “Fresh Pick of the Day” – a clever or unique design submitted to our template gallery and which caught the eyes of our designers.  There are so many pluses to joining the Club HM Facebook page; why not join us and find out for yourself? Simply visit the page below and click “like.”

Visit the Club HM Facebook page

How does this process work?

Step 1 – Create a FREE Account
Heritage Studio is your online lifetime account where you can store photos, create heritage projects, order books and prints, and much more. Choose a Basic Membership or a
Premier Membership with access to over 30,000 pieces of unique and beautiful digital artwork to enhance your projects.

Create your free account today! Please enter the consultant ID #152430 when prompted.

Step 2 – Choose a Project or a Template
Choose from a variety of heritage-preserving projects, including Storybooks, StoryCards, Calendars, and Posters. View our Products for details or visit out Template Gallery.

Step 3 – Log in and Begin
Purchase your account by contacting me, your Heritage Consultant. Once your order is processed, you will receive a Studio ID that you can use to log in. To begin a project, simply upload your scanned or digital photos to your account and start creating.

Step 4 – Create your project You can either create your entire project on your own, use one of our incredible Templates

, or allow me to create a beautiful book for you. Please contact me for more information about my design services, which include Digital photo books, Unbound Scrapbook pages, Custom Scrapbook post binder covers, Greeting Cards, Invitations, Playing cards, Business Cards, Flyers, Canvas Posters, Cook books, Spiral Books, Day-timers, Calendars, and more.